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Looking for great copy to reach your German-speaking target group?

I am a freelance copywriter who turns your messages into highly readable, coherent copy. I write, edit & translate ready to use copy that reflects the benefits of your company, products & services.

Copywriting - Copy Editing - Copy Translation - Storytelling - SEO Writing. Brochures, Leaflets, Press Releases, Website Content, Product Descriptions, Flyers, Mailings, Case Studies and other sales/marketing/promotional materials. English to German translations.

Your go-to copywriter

Good copy increases sales and creates sustainable competitive advantages. Finding a good copywriter is hard, finding the right one is harder. Your copywriter needs to understand your products, services, positioning, competitors, target groups, benefits and USP. I am experienced in writing, editing & translating a wide variety of copy for a range of industries. My customers are companies and individuals in need of custom written content for print & online publishing. SME, startups, trading companies, businessmen, entrepreneurs, freelancers or agencies hire me as their go-to copywriter. If it´s a press release limited to one page or thousands of words of website content, I´m only one email away ready to help you with professional commercial writing services.

Storytelling Copywriting


Good and ready to go copy for your website, mailing, press release, brochure or any other promotional material. Your new text will connect people who have a need, wish or problem with your products or services as their solution. The copy will convey the message in ways that your target group understands. In a telephone briefing we talk about aspects like effect, target group(s), message, style, feel. After some additional research I´m ready to start writing.

Copy editing

Copy editing

Do you have already-written text in German that (possibly) needs review and/or optimization? I will check it for spelling mistakes, grammar errors, factual accuracy, cultural aspects, inconsistencies, gaps, additional valuable information, target group specification and rewrite it where necessary to increase the impact. Here too you will benefit from great copy for your website, mailing, press release, brochure or any other promotional material.

Copy Translation English to German

Copy translation

For marketing and sales related text used in brochures, flyers, websites etc. the "message" is more important than the literal word-for-word translation. In a best-case scenario your German copy only loses impact. In the worst case your target group is lost, confused and/or annoyed. The solution is translation including copywriting. After your copy has been translated it is reviewed thoroughly - taking us straight back to the subject "copy editing". 

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About the copywriter

Name: Claudia Scharf, fired up about "Word Work". Degree in business administration. 12 years of experience in Sales & Marketing (IT industry), 25+ years in copywriting. Since 2000 a freelancer writer for business. Passionate fighter for clear communication. By the way, my German is MUCH better, than my English! Let me provide solutions instead of functions and benefits instead of features. In other words: I would love to create your story.

useless copy

Freelance copywriter - the reason why

Once I was a marketer who wrote and translated copy herself because hiring freelancers frustrated me. I struggled (and was annoyed) with big bills and poor results. I paid high fees for written content that was completely useless. Now as a commercial copywriter I supply words and text that are ready to use. My core role is to translate ideas, messages and benefits into words and write coherent text that sells. I love clever and creative copy that engages the audience and gets them to really want to own your product or service.

SEO content content is king

#storytelling and the "content is king" hype

Marketers are still shouting "content is king" and almost everybody in business is excited about the "secret powers of storytelling". This indeed is quite amusing because the former is a given and the latter old hat. Since more than 25 years I am writing copy that delivers relevant content instead of shallow messages. The focus is always a clear, highly understandable benefit communication that matches the target group. As for the storytelling, it´s not a new thing and it´s not a secret!

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Selling techniques used in the Middle Ages

Already more than 1000 years ago successful merchants in medieval market places had excellent storytelling skills. A good story was always one of the most potent forms of selling, because it grabs and holds the audience attention. Presenting the benefits of a product or service by means of the right story arises emotions, nurtures the identification with the product and turns prospects into customers. Stories captivate. Benefits persuade. Or in short: Writing great copy is (in theory) simple like this ...

borchure design & layout

Credo: Great copy sells not design & SEO

OK - I am biased, after all I´m a copywriter ... But as hundreds of projects show: It´s the truth. At the end of the day words & sentences persuade - not gorgeous layouts or unreadable content texts that are baits for search engines. Words deliver the right information to the right person. Target group specific written copy that offers relevant content, communicates the benefits, helps solving problems, gives the right answers and tells the whole story convinces prospects and captivates customers.

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Claudia Scharf
Copywriting, Copy Editing, Copy Translation

Speak to me on: +49 (0) 2041 18 14 92
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